DAY 24: So Close, Yet So Far.

Tomorrow is the last day before spring break. It seems so close, but somehow this last day is such a huge hurdle. The last few weeks have been packed with rehearsals, concerts, observations, and so much more. Tomorrow is just a regular day. No rehearsals during lunch or after school. But for some reason, its feels like a large impending hill to climb. Maybe tomorrow will be over in a snap? Maybe not. Maybe I have never needed a spring break (or any break) more than this one?


  1. Right there with you!! Our spring break starts tomorrow. And I got observed today. And like you, I am so, so tired! Twenty-four hours from now…


  2. I’m on spring break this week, and 100% hear you! In all honesty, I think the students needed a break from me as much as I needed one from them.


  3. I find this post so easy to relate to (smile). May all of the angst leave you quickly and quietly. I hope your program is far more than you would have imagined it would be and that your rest and relaxation give you the recharge you so richly deserve! I’m sure you will touch more hearts than you’ll ever know. Thank you for what you do for so many children. What a blessing.

    ~Dr. Carla Michelle Brown


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