DAY 31: Life’s a Zoo

I was excited to get to the Brookfield Zoo today with a friend and her two young daughters. I hadn’t see her since last October so it was quite a treat in many ways. I try to be extra cautious with my ventures into public places so I had my KN95 mask and hand sanitizer on the ready. It was somewhat chilly so I felt even better knowing I was bundled up with a hat, scarf, and gloves. Aside from my friend, I loved seeing the lions and tigers and sloth bears (which I never knew existed). The Brookfield Zoo also has dinosaur animatronics all over, which was very cool. The last 31 days have felt like living through a zoo/circus so this seems like an appropriate way to end my month and slicing adventures for 2021.

7 thoughts on “DAY 31: Life’s a Zoo

  1. That sounds like a lovely adventure! It must have been awfully cold though? Good for you for taking on a reconnection too- hopefully we all have the opportunity for more and more of those.


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