DAY 29: Lose Control

This year, my jr. high is presenting a virtual musical. As the director, I was able to find a show that is specifically designed to be presented remotely. While I was sad that my kids would not experience the excitement of a live performance for the second year in a row, I was very excited at the prospect of engaging audiences for years to come via YouTube. We had workshops and auditions in the fall and rehearsals took place from December through March. As a teacher/director/coach/general type A personality, I normally find the rehearsal process to be the most enjoyable as students explore their roles while still under your wing and safety net. Obviously the scariest part is usually when the show is performed in front of a live audience and the control shifts from the director to the performers.

This year, there is a different stressful structure built in as I patiently wait for students to submit video recordings of themselves performing the songs and scenes. Normally during the live performance of a show, I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off as I wear many hats and fulfil the duties of stage manager, costume designer, sound and lighting designer, set and props crew, and I am sure a few more that I am forgetting. There really isn’t time or energy available to stress over losing control of the show itself. This year, as spring break began today, I have fully lost control of the show with nothing to do but wait.

5 thoughts on “DAY 29: Lose Control

  1. I’m not gonna lie- your title hooked me! I love that Missy song! I hope you’re not waiting TOO long for submissions… the waiting game is the worst!


  2. I am so impressed with the creativity teachers have been using to keep their students engaged and learning. I bet this will turn out amazing, while also being rewarding for your students.


  3. I’m sure the final product will be worth the wait! You—and your students—will probably learn a lot from this experience to take back to your live performances in the future, too!


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