I am TIRED. I feel like no matter how much sleep I have forced upon myself this week, I could always get another 2 hours in, which seems like too much. As I teach my students about identifying their emotional states (and soon applying that to actual music), I find myself identifying with low-energy and low-pleasantness types of emotions like mopey and drained. Spring break cannot come soon enough. I am also tired of begging students to complete and/or submit assignments.

I am also tired of racism and a lack of gun control in our country. Sorry for the sneak attack. I cannot begin to imagine the pain those have felt caused by the systemic racism and environment of hate that our country has maintained for far too long. We can no longer go a single day without another mass shooting taking place in our backyard. Things have got to change.

6 thoughts on “DAY 25: I Am TIRED

  1. You’re spot on with the exhausted feeling, especially since it seems to be hitting us from ALL angles this past year. One more day til spring break and (hopefully) it gives us all a chance to recharge a burn


  2. The world is an exhausting place right now (maybe it always is?). Hopefully spring break brings you some rest and the kindness in the world will begin to outweigh the grief.


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