DAY 24: Buda Bakes Pt. 2

To review, I used to bake ALL THE TIME. I was the official birthday cake baker for my entire friend group and all of my family. Once, I found out about my type 2 diabetes I took a long reprieve because it was just too difficult and tempting. I have been getting back into the groove lately thanks to amazing flour and sugar substitutes, as well as Keto recipes becoming more popular and available. This lemon bar recipe is my absolute favorite of those that I have tried so far. It is super easy and quick but the end result is SO GOOD. I made these for Valentine’s day so I added a little pink food coloring to half of the batter and then swirled it together. I made these again today for a little funeral to our Wednesday asynchronous days and they are so fresh; the perfect springtime snack. I figured I would include the recipe along with a glowing recommendation for this Keto chef:

6 thoughts on “DAY 24: Buda Bakes Pt. 2

  1. I’m not a huge dessert fan, but that looks really yummy. It’s hard for me to believe Keto would have a place for desserts. I clicked on your link for curiosity sake and found a beautiful website. That was 30 minutes ago! I now have Dalgona Coffee on my list to try with the lemon bars, plus I know what Swerve is. Thanks for teaching me a few things today.


  2. I love that you adjusted your recipes to fit your current lifestyle. I still think about that cake you made for our WEA meeting years ago! I also love that you made this for the funeral of our “beloved Wednesdays”. It truly is a deep loss that will be felt for years to come! I can hear me 5 years from now . . “Remember that year we had Wednesdays . . “


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