DAY 22: F is for Feedback

Providing quality and timely feedback is a vital part of teaching in both normal and pandemic times. The challenge that I have found in rotating all of my students every 9 weeks is that feedback can be met with resistance, if the student receives it as judgement or criticism as opposed to me wanting them to do their very best and push themselves to their full potential. While it can take some getting used to, I have found Screencastify to be an exemplary tool is providing a quick video supplying feedback with a friendly face as opposed to a quick Google Doc static typed out comment. I like using Screencastify for this purpose especially considering I can also share my screen and point out specifics areas of concern in their document/slide/etc. My new 7th graders are still getting used to my humor and sarcasm, so I feel this quarter especially my feedback has been received more easily and understandably than previous quarters this school year.

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