DAY 21: Zio Alex

In July of of last year I became an Uncle for the first time. In Italian we say “Zio” so I am now and forevermore Zio Alex. This little miss in my arms is Olympia Lee. She is almost 8 month old and I am obsessed. I have a little 4″x4″ picture frame of she and I on my cart that I roll into each classroom with me, which I receive more comments about then my giant BB-8 cutout, several Star Wars succulent planters, and Mandalorian/Baby Yoda nightlights plugged into the extra outlets. She is a queen and I love having her in my arms. Today, we had a little family lunch and the highlights included peek-a-boo and playtime with a paper plate.

8 thoughts on “DAY 21: Zio Alex

  1. Yup- she is soooo adorable. I love those pictures of kids with the paci in their mouth- looking like a cabbage patch kid. Love how much you love your role. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Nieces and nephews are gifts from God. They are like puppies–you want to hold, cuddle, laugh, nap and love on them as much as possible.


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