DAY 20: It’s a Sunshine Day!

There is something about walking out the door to a beautiful, clear blue sky and lots of sun that just lifts the spirits. Take that seasonal depression! I truly appreciate the weather gods for allowing us teachers a sunshine day over the weekend so we can actually enjoy it. I made it to the gym this morning and have some quick errands to run now, but I am going for a nice long walk when I get back home. I live very close to a local community college and there is a bike path that wraps around the entire school. It ends up being about two and a half miles so it is the perfect stroll. I am ready to soak up some sun.

5 thoughts on “DAY 20: It’s a Sunshine Day!

  1. I had a clear, blue sky and sunny day, too, and there’s nothing better to do on these kind of days than take a walk. I liked your use of the word stroll at the end as well as ithe alliteration: “…soak up some sun.”


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